Niteflirt Addons

A little extra for your Niteflirt listing and/or profile

Most Popular Addons:

Setting up your listing

Customization of prefab or limited use listings (colors, fonts, etc)

Extra buttons

Matching mail template

Image editing

Full List of Addons and Services

Pre-Fab Listing25.00$
Limited Use Listing45.00$
Listing Setup10.00$ +
Custom Listing75.00$
Mail Templates15.00$
Matching Mail Templates*10.00$
Custom Mail Template50.00$
Header Design (3 Sizes)35.00$
Button Sets10.00$
Custom Button Sets25.00$
Image; Touch Ups, Resizing, Watermarking5.00$ /image
Listing Customization (for pre-fab or limited use listing)15.00$
Exclusive Listing – Pre-fab**30.00$
Exclusive Listing – Limited Use**10.00$
Phone Support0.99$ /min
WordPress Setup200.00$
Custom WordPress Site500.00$
*When you purchase a pre-fab or limited use listing
**Subject to approval, depends on whether previously sold

Looking for something not mentioned here? Send me an email and I will get back to you.