Limited Listing Templates

Each of these templates will be sold to a MAXIMUM of 3 Flirts.

Important Information

Cost: 45.00$

Installation of the template is your responsibility. When you purchase the template, you will receive the images, codes, and basic instructions on how to set it up and host the images.

The template does not include the following:

  • Putting the template into your listing.
  • Image Hosting (you will have to upload the images yourself before use)
  • Text Content, you are responsible for the written aspects of the template, I have generic Loren Ipsum in place so the styling of the font is clear
  • Any linking, outside link, tribute links, twitter, buttons, alt titles, etc, are your responsibility to enable. Place holders are there.
  • Set Up Support, if I can help you, I will but that is a courtesy and not an obligation.

The templates do include:

  • Buttons that match the design of the listing, this number varies
  • A generic header, some templates will have places for your images, but not all


If you would like the template to be exclusive to you (assuming it has not already been sold), you can buy it as an exclusive use template.

Additional fee of 10.00$ applies. With that we can customize the colour palette.

Pre Fab Template Addons

Set Up Your Listing

For 10.00$+, I can set it up in your account (please note that you will have to grant me access to your account, we can do this in whatever method makes you feel most comfortable, create a temporary password, through team viewer, there are a multitude of ways).

Fees are higher if I have to create the tributes in your mail, upload the images, things like that. Please message me with what you need and we can figure out a reasonable rate.

Customize it:

Make the template fit your existing brand with colour and font style.

Addition fee of 15.00$ applies. Reach out to me before purchasing.

Phone Support

I have a line dedicated to helping you set up what you need. I can talk you through the set up, answer questions, etc.

Custom Headers

I can create custom headers for your template (and whatever other projects you have that need a header). The cost is 35.00$, you will get the header in 3 different sizes, a)Matching NF Template size b)Twitter cover size c) One more of your choosing. All will match, there might be some slight differences depending on the ratios, text or image more a bit, things like that, to match the use.

Matching Mail Template

When you purchase, or if you have already purchased one of my templates, you can get the matching mail template for 10.00$ (usually 15.00$).

Extra Buttons

Not enough buttons for you? You can buy more that match your template.