Creating beautiful listings, websites, and more for Flirts and PSOs.

About AJDesigns

I create elegant designs for 21st century phone sex workers. I have been a PSO on and off since 2011. During that time I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge in graphic design. My off time has allowed me to remember what the user experience is like, which is apparent in the perceived simplicity of my designs.

My past experience as an English editor is a valuable tool in my ghost writing and my own work. It allows me to see flaws that one can overlook easily. I take my time and find the right dialogue for your desired content.

Niteflirt Templates

Pre-Fab Listing Templates

Budget friendly Listing Templates for any Flirt.

Limited Use Listing Templates

Each of these templates will be sold a maximum of 3 times.

Custom Niteflirt Listings

Get the specific look you want in your Niteflirt listings.

Niteflirt Mailer Templates

Custom or Pre-Fab templates to give all your Niteflirt mail that something special.

Niteflirt Addons and Graphics

Pre-Fab Buttons, Custom Buttons, Image touch up and re-sizing, watermarking, header images, logos…

Installing your templates, customizing templates, etc

All your graphic needs in one place. Great conveniences to update your Niteflirt Listing.

Other Services

WordPress Set Up

Looking to set up a WordPress site?

Want a custom WordPress site?

I can help with that!

Ghost Writing and Editing

Need a blog post?

Some editing?

Look no further!

Character Development

Need to flesh out your character?

Create a new bio?

Other Projects

Do you have other projects you are working on and are looking for advice, a sounding board, constructive criticism?

Email me and we’ll see if I can help.